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Healthcare Facilities


Hospital design and architecture can play an essential part in a patient’s recovery and well-being. The US government now allocates billions of dollars every year to replace and improve most US hospitals built in the 1960s and 1970s as the connection between architecture and patient health becomes more evident. Hospital designers must find a way to provide patients with privacy and noise reduction without removing the visibility nurses and doctors need to care for them properly. Keeping these actors in mind will help to ensure patient safety and the best possible chance for recovery. They also need to consider heat and light control, ongoing maintenance and power requirements, and hygiene. There are several solutions available, ranging from very basic curtains to more advanced smart glass solutions. At Nebraska Door and Window, we specialize in Commercial Doors and Windows. We are here to meet your door and window needs, whether the project is small or large. Whatever your window or door installation needs, we can help make your healthcare facility a place that prioritizes patient health.